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    Asked by Reynita A.Rey

    Does your chicken contain antibiotics?

    Hello! Antibiotics are never used by the suppliers of McDonald's in Lebanon as growth promoters. Some antibiotics approved by global health authorities are used to treat diseases, as McDonald's does not accept slaughtering of sick animals. When treatment antibiotics are used, our suppliers and auditing processes ensure that treated chicken go through the needed withdrawal period before they are slaughtered. This means the meat that goes into our chicken products is 100% antibiotics free. Hope this is helpful and thanks for stopping by!
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    Asked by Roha

    site payment is down,1 hour trying to get it to work, the only option is cash why cant the driver bring card machine if site is down?

    Hello, at McDonald's we continuously listen to our customers and develop new services/ products that suit their tastes and preferences. We thank you for your request, and we'll take it into consideration as part of our wider consumer research studies.
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    Asked by Azza

    are you planning to target some health concious people like me ? such as grilled items with salads and healthy smoothies ;)

    Hello, we currently serve grilled chicken sandwiches as well as salads, juices and fruit bites. In addition, we continuously listen to our customers and develop new offerings that suit their tastes, preferences and lifestyles. Thank you for your request!
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    Asked by Mark

    by what oil is the burgers cooked

    Hello! Our beef patties are grilled and not fried in oil. However, we use high quality 100% vegetable oil blend while cooking our fries, nuggets, chicken patties, and fish patties. Hope this clears it for you!
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    Asked by Salama

    do you use pure meat in your beef burgers

    Hello! At McDonald's;we only use 100% pure and Halal beef patties without adding any binders or fillers.The only thing we add to our beef patties is a little salt and pepper after cooking.
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    Asked by dipesh

    Does your food contain pork in any form, and is the meat Halal, in India

    Hello, This platform represents McDonald's in Lebanon where all the products we serve are Halal certified. Thanks for joining us!
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