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    Asked by editha

    How fresh is your food? Do you make sure that proper hygiene preacautions are taken?

    At McDonald's, we work to a concept called "Made to Order", what this means is that some of our food, like our beef and chicken patties, are cooked ahead of time and kept warm so we can assemble your burger as you order it. This approach allows us to strike the perfect balance of exceptional food quality and quick service. It's important to note that foods that are kept warm all have their own maximum holding time and are discarded if they are not served within that time. As for hygiene, we take food safety and quality seriously at McDonald's, and this includes the cleanliness of our kitchens. It's a continual process of keeping the restaurant clean, meeting or exceeding local health standards. We have a three-step process for washing all of our food-preparation equipment and utensils wash, rinse and sanitize, followed by air-drying. We also keep sanitized cloths on-hand in our kitchens. Floors are swept and mopped periodically throughout the day.
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    Asked by lololololo

    Is your Oil shared between veg, fish, beef and fries station? How is your Oil cleaning method? Is the oil cleaning container shared?

    Hello, we strictly separate frying vats for all our fried products. We have a dedicated vat for fries, another for veggie (currently unavailable), another for spicy products, and  another vat for chicken products. We definitely don’t mix frying vats. When frying our products, we make sure we use the best quality of less saturated fat canola and soft seed oil. With its reliable measurement technology, we use a new machine called testo, which is a digital cooking oil tester, that ensures quality assurance for our deep fryer. It measures the Total Polar Material in the oil used. So when the TPM reaches the limit value, we know the oil needs to be changed. We hope this answer was clear enough.

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    Asked by Andrew Lanuza

    does lm10 contains pork or its derivatives

    Hello! Our 100% pure and Halal meat is all sourced from approved suppliers who adhere to McDonald's stringent food quality and safety standards as well as globally-recognized Halal practices.  

    As of the date of this response, the beef is sourced from approved suppliers in Australia and Brazil, and processed in Lebanon, by our approved supplier DEKERCO. 

    For most of our Chicken products, the chicken is sourced locally, by our approved supplier HAWA CHICKEN. 

    As for the veggies used to prepare our burgers, we use locally grown veggies by Alpha Green from the Bekaa Valley. 

    Our golden McFries are grown and produced in France, by our approved supplier McCain.  

    Our suppliers have a longstanding reputation for excellence, and share our commitment to animal welfare, and good agricultural practices. We hope this answers your question.

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    Asked by Tim

    do you stock ur food and just heat them when we order?

    Hello! Our food is freshly prepared to order, at peak hours, some of our food items, like our beef and chicken patties, are cooked ahead of time and kept in warming cabinets for a short period. This approach allows us to strike the perfect balance between exceptional food and quality service. It's important to note that items that are kept warm all have their own maximum holding time and are discarded if they are not served within that time.
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    Asked by Puneet Lakhi

    Does your food not rot?

    McDonald's food is just like the food you prepare at home. If you think about the ingredients of our beef burgers, for example, you will find 100% pure and Halal beef patties, farm-fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions and high-quality buns sourced from our approved bakery. Therefore, our food will also decay or rot when left for some time in an environment that supports the rotting process. However, there is something important to note about the process. Essentially, the microbes that cause rotting are a lot like us, in that they need water, nutrients, warmth and time to grow. If we take one or more of these elements away, then microbes cannot grow or spoil the food. McDonald's food generally has less humidity (or water) content, due to the fact that our patties are grilled on a double-sided hotplate, which extracts most of their humidity in the form of vapor; and our buns are toasted, thus losing significant amounts of their humidity, too. In a nutshell, McDonald's food would decay, but it could be in the form of drying rather than rotting unless the cooked food's humidity is maintained by wrapping the food with cling foil or storing it in a high humidity environment. Hope this information is helpful and thank you for your question!
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    Asked by Hamad saleh

    What are the ingredients in the chicken wings

    Hello! Our Chicken wings are made of Chicken, Water, Chilli Oleoresin, Cumin Oil, Anti-caking Agent, Garlic Oil, Onion Oil, Salt, Coating (Wheat Flour, Egg Powder, Modified Corn Starch), Raising Agents, Black Pepper, Black Pepper Extract, Palm Shortening, Onion, Sugar, Palm Oil, Yeast, Soy Flour, Yellow Corn Flour, Wheat Gluten, Thickener, Modified Tapioca Starch, Refined Sunflower And Canola Oil.
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