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    Asked by Amaani

    Do you put unhealthy things in your chicken to make it tastier?

    Hello! Let's take our McNuggets as an example. They are made of 100% pure and Halal chicken breast meat with a bit of chicken skin for succulence and flavor. They are dipped in batter and covered with our crispy breading and kept frozen until cooked in 100% vegetable oil. Hope this answers your question!
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    Asked by Mohammed

    Which brand of cooking oil do you use for frying??

    Hello! We use a high quality 100% vegetable oil blend especially produced for us by our approved supplier. Thanks for your question!
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    Asked by Tareq

    how can you maintain such low prices

    Hello! Prices depend on a number of factors, the main one being cost of operations and this reflects on the price of meals despite our efforts to provide our customers with the best value in the industry.Thank for dropping us a line! 

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    Asked by ann

    Are your fries gluten free

    Hello! Our French fries do not contain gluten or wheat as an ingredient. but it is important to note the probability of cross contact between food items in the kitchen despite our efforts to avoid that.
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    Asked by Radhika

    Which country is your halal meat slaughtered

    Hello! All products served in McDonald's Lebanon are certified Halal, and we use 100% pure and Halal beef and chicken sourced from approved suppliers who follow our stringent food quality and safety standards. As of the date of this response, in Lebanon, our chicken is sourced from our approved supplier in Brazil and processed in Jordan and our pure Halal beef from our approved supplier in Australia. Thanks for your question!
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    Asked by Nader

    Why does not the content of the Mcdonalds sandwich become bad when left in the air for days and months?

    McDonald's food is just like the food you prepare at home. If you think about the ingredients of our beef burgers, for example, you will find 100% pure and Halal beef patties, farm-fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions and high-quality buns sourced from our approved bakery. Therefore, our food will also decay or rot when left for some time in an environment that supports the rotting process. However, there is something important to note about the process. Essentially, the microbes that cause rotting are a lot like us, in that they need water, nutrients, warmth and time to grow. If we take one or more of these elements away, then microbes cannot grow or spoil the food. McDonald's food generally has less humidity (or water) content, due to the fact that our patties are grilled on a double-sided hotplate, which extracts most of their humidity in the form of vapor; and our buns are toasted, thus losing significant amounts of their humidity, too. In a nutshell, McDonald's food would decay, but it could be in the form of drying rather than rotting unless the cooked food's humidity is maintained by wrapping the food with cling foil or storing it in a high humidity environment. Hope this information is helpful and thank you for your question!
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