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    Asked by Nader

    Why does not the content of the Mcdonalds sandwich become bad when left in the air for days and months?

    McDonald's food is just like the food you prepare at home. If you think about the ingredients of our beef burgers, for example, you will find 100% pure and Halal beef patties, farm-fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions and high-quality buns sourced from our approved bakery. Therefore, our food will also decay or rot when left for some time in an environment that supports the rotting process. However, there is something important to note about the process. Essentially, the microbes that cause rotting are a lot like us, in that they need water, nutrients, warmth and time to grow. If we take one or more of these elements away, then microbes cannot grow or spoil the food. McDonald's food generally has less humidity (or water) content, due to the fact that our patties are grilled on a double-sided hotplate, which extracts most of their humidity in the form of vapor; and our buns are toasted, thus losing significant amounts of their humidity, too. In a nutshell, McDonald's food would decay, but it could be in the form of drying rather than rotting unless the cooked food's humidity is maintained by wrapping the food with cling foil or storing it in a high humidity environment. Hope this information is helpful and thank you for your question!
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    Asked by Salama

    do you use pure meat in your beef burgers

    Hello! At McDonald's;we only use 100% pure and Halal beef patties without adding any binders or fillers.The only thing we add to our beef patties is a little salt and pepper after cooking.
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    Asked by lida

    do you wear gloves?

    At McDonald's we apply rigorous standards of food safety and hygiene standards. Crew in our kitchens wear gloves for food preparation. When they handle raw foods, such as beef patties, they put a second disposable pair of colored (blue) gloves on top. All crew, no matter what station or task they are working on in the restaurant, must wash their hands before starting work and at least every hour throughout their shift. All of our crew members are trained on hand washing procedures using anti-microbial soap specifically developed for McDonald's. Hope this answers your question!
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    Asked by Nitish Pandey

    Are all of your products sold in the Middle East halal? Whichstandard do you follow? Who is certifier? Does meat come from hand slaughter

    Hello! McDonald's only uses 100% pure and Halal beef and chicken. We go to great lengths to ensure that all products we serve in Lebanon meet Halal standards all the way from farm to counter. In fact, McDonald's regularly participates in globally-recognized Halal forums, and has been involved in enhancing Halal practices and procedures across the region. During production of our chicken and meat patties, Halal officers are present at every slaughtering operation to ensure chicken and cows are hand slaughtered by a Muslim using a sharp knife after uttering the name of Allah. They even supervise the transportation of meat in locked containers using tagged numbers to ensure Halal traceability.
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    Asked by Mo

    There is a rumor I ve heard that MacDonalds Fillet O Fish burgers are not Halal. Please kindly advise.

    Hello! >In Mcdonald';s we only serve 100% Halal products. For our signature Filet-O-Fish, we use high-quality wild-caught Alaskan Pollock.Thanks for asking!
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    Asked by Sheila

    Is the apple pie vegan (contains no egg, butter, milk, or any other animal based product)?

    Helo! Our appetizing Apple Pie is one of McDonald's signature desserts. It is made with our special short crust dough made of soft flour, sugar, salt and baking powders - rolled out to a thin layer. The filling is made with apples and includes ingredients such as sugar, starch for a thick, smooth filling, lemon juice, and cinnamon. It is perfectly cooked to become the golden - glazed, bubbly pie.
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